Microsoft Flip

Flip is a free app from Microsoft where educators create safe, online groups for students to express their ideas asynchronously in short video, text, and audio messages. I led the design and build of the Flip mobile and web apps from the ground up and worked with the team to help shape a community based social learning experience. 


Create Groups

Start a group on the web, dApp, or mobile app and invite your students by sending them a join code or uploading your Google classroom roster. Groups are a great way to:​ Engage students creatively with lessons, Connect with a specific period, study group or after school club, Share ideas and updates with fellow educators or families.

Post Topics

Educators post topics to groups and watch as students express their ideas! Topics can help: Encourage peer-to-peer learning and discussion through likes and comments, provide a safe space for social emotional development and sharing, and build confidence by celebrating student achievements and creativity.


Share Ideas

Students explore and express ideas throughout the school year by replying to topics with async video! Educators encourage students to share their weekly reflections to monitor progress. Students use flip for presentations to show mastery of a topic or to share videos with families or your school community using Flip share QR codes or links. 

Interactive Stickers

Interactive stickers was a feature born out of the annual Microsoft global hackathon, in which the small team that I was on created interactive stickers user's could add via the camera that leveraged the Bing API, and to reinforce Flip as a social learning app. By using stickers it allowed for users to gain more context without leaving the experience.


Web App

When Flip was first created it was a web first platform, in browser experience. I worked with the team to create a more accessible, easy to use, web application for our educators. The web app featured an extensive discovery experience for them to help create and share topics.


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