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I joined the all-star Quibi team in early 2020. I worked cross-collaboratively with a small group of designers on the end-to-end design of the app — where you could watch short form movie-quality content on your phone. New episodes every day. As the world began to shift during COVID, we pivoted to bring Quibi to your living room and placed heavy investment on interactive content. Some of the most notable features I shipped are playlists, third party devices, and the interactive component library and initiative.



From user reasearch sessions, we learned that Quibi users were more likely to retain if they were exposed to at least 1 other show during their session. Our solution was to provide users with Quibi Original Playlists that would appear in their feed in order to expose them to the larger catalog and ultimately watch more. 



What excited me most about joining Quibi was the possiblity of creating interactive experiences with immersive storytelling at scale, and in a mobile format. With my interactive experience at Tinder, I worked with the team to build out a component library of features that the content team could integrate into their shows (polling, voting, quizzes, etc.).


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